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Europese liberalen willen stemrecht EU-land kunnen schorsen als het EU-plichten niet nakomt

Voor de aanpak van de Asiel en migratiecrisis, zijn verder 5 stappen nodig. Meer informatie vindt u in het persbericht onderaan;

ALDE urges EU Heads of State to agree on a comprehensive response to refugee crisis

Today the liberals and democrats in the European Parliament (ALDE) have sent a letter to the Heads of State and government of the 28 EU Member States urging them to find a global and comprehensive response to the refugee crisis in Europe.  ALDE considers this comprehensive approach should be based on:

1.  An immediate European support for the UNHCR: both the EU and the Member States have transfer the money they have pledged to the UNHCR. The UN is still waiting for more than 1 billion euro in funds to lift up the living standards in the refugee camps in Lebanon and Turkey to an acceptable level.   

2. An European Peace initiative  led by the EU to engage the US, Russia and China, and also Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia to agree on a peace plan for Syria

3. A genuine European Border Management System that establishes  both professional and effective policing and that develops a capacity to receive, screen and register people who arrive by land or sea in a well-organized way.

4. A Single European Asylum System and a radical overhaul of the Dublin Regulation so that the difference between the 28 national systems does  not only no longer exists in law but also is effaced in practice.

5. A real European Migration policy : one joint system of economic migration that includes an extensive revision of the EU Blue Card  in order to replace the 28 national systems and making it possible for both skilled and non-skilled workers to work in the EU on the basis of objective criteria

Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE group president, said: "Only by sharing responsibilities we will be able to find a solution to the crisis. The agreement that was reached yesterday by EU Interior Ministers to relocate 120,000 refugees is positive but it is clearly not enough.

We cannot turn to a qualified majority vote every time we have a serious problem at European level. Member States need to work together on a more structural basis than today. We expect that today the 28 heads of State come forward with a comprehensive and consensual solution.

As my group and I explain in the letter that we have sent today ahead of the EU summit, this unprecedented crisis will only spiral further out of control without immediate and united action".

Note to editors

The Alde Group president, together with Sophie In’ t Veld, ALDE group first vice-president and Cecilia Wikström, ALDE spokesperson for migration, presented today the "ALDE Migration crisis plan" which can be read here.

Please read the letter from the ALDE Group to the 28 heads of state here.


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